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MOLE Listening Pearls, mole104-8
1 Smile
2 Smile (Chris Zippel Remix)
3 Smile (Alpha Weedloaf Remix)
A song about the gentle sense of the fleeting nature of all things, which
leaves us no choice but, with a bittersweet smile on our lips, to plunge
headlong into life ...

Life – A Moment – Smile

written by Asu Yalcindag, Ernst Wawra, Chris Zippel
vocals by Asu, guitars by Asu Yalcindag & Arno J. Fluder
drums by Robby Nicolaije, piano by Ernst Wawra (3)
remix & additional production by Chris Zippel (2) & Norbert Weedloaf (3)
cover artwork by Manja Schiefer, animation by Enikö Kümmel
production by Chris Zippel & Ernst Wawra

© 2011
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