Alphawezen - Into the Stars - The Complete Mixes
MOLE Listening Pearls [mole077-8]
1 Into The Stars
2 Into The Stars
(Dio Remix)
3 Into The Stars
(Firebirds Remix)
4 Into The Stars
(Geb.el Rework)
5 Into The Stars
(Dennis Tito Remix)
6 Into The Stars
(Bang La Dash Remix)
7 Into The Stars
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Vocals by Asu
1 original Version
2 remixed by Alessandro di Dio
3 remixed by Joost Kickartz
4 remixed by Geb.el
5 remixed by Axt/ Alex Jacobi
6 remixed by Diskus/MAO & Charles Trancepur (Itchy Produktionz)
Guitars by Norbert Bartz & Asu Yalcindag
Additional harddisk mixing by Alex Jacobi
Written by Asu Yalcindag and Ernst Wawra
Published by Angora 2000/ Hanseatic Musikverlag GmbH
© 2000/2001/2009
Into The Stars
L'Après-Midi... - Album
Into The Stars - Vinyl
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