Alphawezen - Into the Stars - Maxi CD (incl. Video)
MOLE Listening Pearls [mole032-5]
1 Into The Stars
(Album Version)
2 Into The Stars
(Geb.el Rework)
3 Into The Stars
(Bang La Dash Remix)
4 Into The Stars
(Dennis Tito Mix)
5 Into The Stars
Audio CD including Video.
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2 remixed by Geb.el.
3 remixed by Diskus & Charles Trancepur (Itchy Produktionz).
4 (Dennis Tito Mix) produced by Die Axt.
Guitars by Norbert Bartz. Additional harddisk mixing by Alex Jacobi.
Vocals by Asu. Written by A. Yalcindag and E. Wawra.
Published by Angora 2000/ Hanseatic Musikverlag GmbH.
© 2001
Into The Stars
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